To Lost Dreams and a Sense of Wonder

Jeremy, 25, Bearded, Lover of Good Beer and Good Whiskey. Writing, Music and The Visual Arts. La Dispute & Led Zeppelin.

Just trying to maintain my composure.

Anonymous said: $#@~ and finally <3 ;)

Awwwwh thank you so much. If you want to know me in real life, just talk to me or ask for my number.

Anonymous said: It's inspiring how you can post things that lead people to believe you're heartbroken and missing someone, then you're uplifting and positive and funny. It reminds me that nothing is the end and I can feel good, even though I feel bad.

Believe me, I am heartbroken, I’ve had a lot of hardship to deal with in my life, and I’m pining for someone that won’t come back, but it’s not the end of the world for me, pain is inevitable, suffering on the otherhand, is optional. So try to find the light in everything, even when it’s near impossible to do, keep going and don’t ever give up. 😍😘😄